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Friday, 16 January 2009

Quick NFL Picks

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I’ve had a good deal of success picking the NFL this year, so I’ve decided to start doing it on record.  I’ve done it lately with gut instinct and simple analysis.  Since that’s what has worked lately, I’m going to continue the trend.

Ravens v. Steelers:  I go with Baltimore.  The Wire was the best television program in history.  The city has nothing else going for it.  Flacco doesn’t seem to be overcome by the pressure.  Steelers have already toppled the Ravens twice this season, and it’s not going to happen thrice.  Ravens 19, Steelers 17.

Eagles v. Cardinals:  Philadelphia is hot right now and I don’t think that Arizona’s defense is good.  Donovan McNabb is the best of the four remaining quarterbacks.  I like D.Nice eating soup in front of a camera on Media Day the Tuesday before the Super Bowl.  Eagles 30, Cardinals 21.

I don’t know if I’m compelled to pick the Super Bowl now, given that my championship picks could be wrong, rendering the Super Bowl pick moot, but I will just in case I’m correct about this weekend.

East coast birds duke it out on Super Sunday.  I like Donovan to throw the game-winning touchdown to somebody I’ve never heard of who isn’t particularly good.  Westbrook will be stifled in the running game but will catch a few balls and take a lot of eyes of McNabb, who will be the real star of the game.  No vomit on the field this time.  Eagles bring it home for the NFC East in a close one.  Eagles 20, Ravens 17.

Make your own picks in the comments section.


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