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Friday, 6 February 2009

Jake Plummer disses Mike Shannahan

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The Colorodo ESPN Radio affiliate (whatever it is, sorry, I have no idea and don’t care because it’s west of here) contacted Jake Plummer regarding the firing of Coach Mike Shannahan, and he called it “overdue,” adding that Shannahan hadn’t been a great coach in years, and that he was getting a pass largely because of his relationship with the owner, because fans had begun to see him as an offense-only mind who was, as a head coach, a creation of John Elway.  Normally I’d rip a guy like Plummer in this situation, but this time, I can’t, and here’s why:

1.  He’s correct.  Shannahan’s firing was overdue and fans were asking “how long can he ride Elway’s coattails?”  As a matter of fact, even people from West Africa had asked me “Mark, how long can he milk those two Super Bowl wins that were really just John Elway finally getting his?”  Damn.

2.  Plummer seems like a stand-up guy who is honest and backs his words with action.  He didn’t call for Shannahan’s head while he was still employed.  Both of them were out of work at the time, as a matter of fact.  This wasn’t a comment made out of spite after he was traded to Tampa to compete for the job of 2nd-string QB for a maniacal coach in a podunk town.

3.  He didn’t seek out the nearest reporter to trash the man, he simply answered direct questions when interviewed, and he answered them in a straightforward, forthright manner.  What more would one expect?

I guess that’s why this has been a non-story nationally, but it’s still worth a minute to comment on because DAMN!  Shannahan went out and got Plummer and showed faith in him when others would not, and then Plummer comes right out and says he should have been fired years ago.  No matter how you slice it, that’s at least a little messed up.  Still, though, like I said, he was right.  Can we please get Mr. Plummer an analyst job somewhere.  How is it that he’s unemployed but Matt Millen and Emmitt Smith and Shaun King are all working making good money on TV?


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